Tom Leonard says John McWhorter is the black academic who has thrown an intellectual grenade into the cult of wokeness: His blistering new book fires a broadside against the excesses of the ‘anti-racism’ drive sweeping through universities and the nation

As you may guess from the title, Woke Racism – How A New Religion Has Betrayed Black America (inset), author John McWhorter (left) doesn’t pull any punches. He likens the new, ‘woke’ anti-racist movement to a self-flagellating religious cult – one that not only stifles debate but actually hurts black people. The new religion is a ‘catalogue of contradictions’ which holds that being born white is the ‘original sin’. It has imposed an ‘ideological reign of terror’ in which white people are made to feel permanently guilty and black people that their lives are defined by oppression.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail