Signs You Love Your Title in the Church More Than Your Task

In his famous work, City of God, Augustine penned this challenge: No one can be a good bishop if he loves his title and not his task. It is entirely possible for a ministry leader to love title more than task. Because we can make idols of anything, we can certainly make our titles the thing that defines us and gives us our worth. But, according to Augustine, a ministry leader who loves title more than task is not a good ministry leader.

If we love our title more than our task our primary motivation is ourselves, that we will be seen by others as important rather than serving others. If we love our titles more than our task we love the prestige of our positions more than the people are positions are designed to serve. If we love our titles more than our tasks we expect people to serve us because of our position rather than us using our position to serve.

How can we evaluate ourselves as to whether we love title more than task?

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Source: Church Leaders, Eric Geiger