Lala Anthony Launches Leave-In Hair-Strengthening Product

Credit: Courtesy of Inala

La La Anthony is a beauty entrepreneur!

Today, Anthony, 39, introduces Inala, a leave-in hair-strengthening treatment, Inala ($55). Speaking exclusively to People, Anthony opens up about how the opportunity to practice self-care during the pandemic led her to create a  “power potion” even her 14-year-old son Kiyan approves of.

Prior to the pandemic, Anthony, like most, was always on the go. But when it forced her to slow down, she realized her self-care routine needed a reboot.

“A lot of my hairstyles had been clip-ins or wigs or braids or weaves,” she tells PEOPLE. “And I realized how damaged my natural hair was because I wasn’t taking care of or paying attention to it.”

When Anthony looked in the mirror, she saw damage all over, from thinning along her edges to breakage on her ends.

“And I was like, ‘It’s not okay to just be happy when your hair looks good when you have all this other stuff in it,” she admits. That moment inspired Anthony to seek a solution.

“I started researching and experimenting with rice water. I was even tweeting about it. I found a village in China where women have hair down to the floor.”

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SOURCE: PEOPLE, Jackie Fields