Employees Quit When Bar Promotes ‘Catch the Virus’ Show

Owners of a Washington bar say a “catch the virus” promotion was a bad joke after employees quit and bands canceled shows over the COVID-19 stunt.

“Come see the show, maybe catch the virus, or just stay home and whine,” read a Jan. 21 Facebook post by the Vessel Taphouse. “Tickets 10 bucks or 6 with proof of omicron positive test. Have you had enough???”

The pirate-themed bar in Lynnwood says the post, which has since been taken down, led four employees to quit, The Daily Herald reported. Three bands canceled shows.

“I was appalled,” Johnny Angel with Seattle-based Atrocity Girl, which had been scheduled to play a show at the bar, told KIRO. “I was really, really disappointed that anybody could ever really make a post like that.”

On its own Facebook page, Atrocity Girl reposted the Vessel Taphouse promotion, adding, “we do not condone this behavior and do not think COVID is a joke.”

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Source: News Tribune