Married Sex Is the Hottest Sex, and Stop Believing the Devil’s Lies That End Up Destroying Your Marriage by Tricking You to Commit Adultery and Divorce

When you have a wedding to plan, all the extra worries are easy to push out of your mind. The flowers become a dire responsibility all of a sudden, and the fact that Grandma Ruth might not want to sit next to Aunt Helen seems pressing. At least, more pressing than the experience of being married. Let’s just get through this… then everything will be perfect.

Depending on the type of church family you were born into, or joined in adulthood, there may not be anybody asking you the relevant, real-life questions either. For instance, where are you getting your sex advice? Who will you go to when marriage isn’t working out the way you thought it would?

Who can you trust enough to call with a middle-of-the-night crisis?

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Source: Crosswalk, Meg Gemelli