Why is The Price of Bitcoin Always High?

Due to capitalism in the world, cryptocurrency has become the largest in the world. It has become the hedge against the poor. For each block that is mined, the miners of the Bitcoin get to earn around 6.25 bitcoins. Today, the trade of bitcoins has reached its highest place. The price of Bitcoin has now risen to around thirty-four thousand dollars. In the past month, it has grown seventy-seven per cent and over the last years, it has grown to three hundred five per cent. 

The digital currency was first launched in the year 2009. For a while, people used Bitcoin as a form of digital money as the economy is fringed by it. Today the users use cryptocurrency as digital gold. Therefore, it is said that this digital assets are scarce. 

Due to Covid-19, the economy of all the countries has collapsed. Government bodies all around the world have made the market flooded with the money that is made by the central banks. This is done to increase spending and also to save the countries economy.  But people usually look for the assets that are resistant to inflation rather than the one that is overflowing. In such situations, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has become the hedge against the inflation that is looming. On the other hand, other assets that people invested in have become targets of poor returns.  

What Do You Mean By Bitcoin? 

By market capitalism, Bitcoin has become the largest cryptocurrency of the world. It is been found that around 18,590,300 bitcoins are circulating and the number of bitcoins can only rise up to 21,000,000. In the protocol of Bitcoin, the limit has been hard corded and it won’t be changed by any means. This creates a scarcity which makes sure that the value of digital currency will start increasing over time.  

Whereas the currencies that are issued by the government like the Australian dollar, it can increase the supply by the authority. Political changes and decisions cannot inflate the fixed supply of Bitcoins. One that is the most traded cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. One can receive, store and even send bitcoins. Digital wallets are the place where bitcoins are saved. This is a special application on your smartphone or computer.  The groundbreaking aspect is that the network of Bitcoin will draw on the work of computer scientists and cryptographers and it is easier because the digital currency is based on blockchain. 

The blockchain public is a database that is immutable which means that it will record the history of the transactions which one cannot change. 

A Decentralized and Functional Digital Currency 

We all are not aware of the fact that Bitcoins are decentralized. This means that it works based on the peer to peer network than the authority of the government like central banks.  This is mainly done by the miners of the bitcoins and their participation. Miners are the one who performs transactions and validate Bitcoin on the trading platforms on the technology called Blockchain. If you want to invest in Bitcoin, go through Bitcoin Boom. Generally, platforms like these allow people to have engaged activity with cryptocurrency.

Bitcoins are created by the miners all the time as they are solving the blocks. When they get the solution, they are rewarded with these Bitcoins. The reward that is paid to the Bitcoin miners becomes half after every four years. 

The man who designed it has encoded the gradual reduction in the network as well. This is the way to mimic the overall process that is done by extracting gold which might seem easy in the beginning but with time it becomes difficult. 

As we have already learnt that miners get to earn around 6.25 bitcoins for each block that they mine. Due to this the incentives that get involved come early and there will be an increase in scarcity as time passes.  

The price will rise due to this, and it will meet the rise in demand. Due to the scarcity in future that we know will also frequent the events of halving the price.

Therefore, the falls and increase in the price will reflect the change in the demand for Bitcoins and its conditions like growing numbers of investors. The public companies will now invest more in Bitcoin with time. 

So, the rise in the value of Bitcoin is true in all senses.