Secret Coronavirus Plague Lockdown of China’s ‘City of the Future’: More Than a Million People Are Ordered to Stay in Their Homes by Communist Officials Over Five Coronavirus Cases Just a Week Before the Winter Olympics — Daniel Whyte III Says People, Do as You Please, but if I Were You I Would Not Go to the Chinese Olympics at All for One Reason: The Coronavirus Omicron Plague. People Are Still Suffering From the Last Olympics and the World Is Suffering More Now Than It Was Then With the Coronavirus Plague

China has ordered more than a million people near Beijing to stay in their homes over a handful of coronavirus cases, just a week before the Winter Olympics begins.

Authorities locked down the area that neighbours the capital, but unlike other lockdowns, no public announcement was made about the fresh restrictions.

Around 1.2 million people in Xiong’an New Area – a new economic zone 60 miles southwest of Beijing – are no longer allowed to enter or leave their residential compounds, local virus prevention staff confirmed to AFP on Friday.

While recent lockdowns in China were publicly announced and widely reported by state media, the Xiong’an restrictions appear to have been introduced by stealth with no announcements – sparking confusion among some residents of the area.

‘We expect this (lockdown) to last around a week, but the exact timing is uncertain,’ said virus prevention staff in Xiong County, one of three counties in the area.

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Source: Daily Mail