Blizzard Could Be the Biggest Snowstorm to Ever Hit Boston

A major nor’easter is knocking on the door of New England and the latest forecasts show this storm could pack a big enough punch to make its way into Boston’s top snowstorms on record.

The National Weather Service (NWS) in Boston has already started to prepare for the winter storm by changing meteorologists’ typical nine-hour shifts to 12-hour shifts.

“You could be there for 12 hours plus,” Andrew Loconto, Lead Meteorologist at the NWS Boston office, told AccuWeather in an interview. The Boston NWS office is actually located in Norton, Massachusetts, a suburb that’s about a one-hour drive south of the city. “A lot of times you have to pack a bag just in case you get stuck in with heavy, heavy snow and difficult road conditions.”

The impending nor’easter is expected to bring difficult and even impossible travel conditions to parts of southern New England, but how does it stack up to Boston’s top snowstorms in recorded history?

The Blizzard of 2003, also known as the President’s Day Storm, was a historic and record-breaking snowstorm along the East coast. Snow fell from Washington, D.C., to Boston, burying some towns under 30 inches of snow. Boston picked up 27.6 inches of snow during that storm, 0.5 inches more than the Northeast Blizzard of 1978.

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Source: AccuWeather