Secret Coronavirus Plague Lockdown of China’s ‘City of the Future’: More Than a Million People Are Ordered to Stay in Their Homes by Communist Officials Over Five Coronavirus Cases Just a Week Before the Winter Olympics — Daniel Whyte III Says People, Do as You Please, but if I Were You I Would Not Go to the Chinese Olympics at All for One Reason: The Coronavirus Omicron Plague. People Are Still Suffering From the Last Olympics and the World Is Suffering More Now Than It Was Then With the Coronavirus Plague

The Latest Coronavirus Plague Variant Is 1.5 Times More Contagious Than Omicron and Is Already Circulating in Almost Half of U.S. States. With All Due Respect to Dr. Gottlieb, Please Get Out of the Predicting Business Because You Have Been Very Wrong in Your Predictions Over the Past 6 Months. If You Must Continue to Commentate on Issues Then Do So but Do Not Do Any More Predicting Because You Are Not Good at That and if You Keep Doing That Nobody Is Going to Believe You.