Russian President Putin: “We are in a very difficult situation today” with rapid spreading of Omicron variant

Russian officials had no choice but to sound the alarm pointing to the rapid spreading of the omicron virus variant and the increasing infection rates in some region.

President Vladimir Putin in a meeting with top government officials called for a “mobilization” of the country’s health care system.

“We see what’s happening in the world. It means we have at least a couple of weeks to prepare.”

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Russia’s state coronavirus task force reported more than 17,000 new infections, up from about 15,000 on Monday.

Russia this year has been reporting between 15,000 and 18,000 new infections a day, compared to December’s rate of about 30,000 daily cases. The country’s state coronavirus task force has registered over 10.6 million confirmed infections and 317,618 deaths overall.