Jury in Elizabeth Holmes trial unable to reach a verdict on some charges

The eight men, four women jury weighing fraud charges against former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes will get back to work Monday after an extended holiday break. They were unable to reach a unanimous verdict on three of the 11 criminal counts she faces, according to a note from the panel read aloud in court.

The jury so far has spent a total of roughly 40 hours across six days discussing the charges against Holmes, a tarnished technology star facing up to 20 years in prison if she is found guilty.

Holmes, 37, is facing 11 criminal charges alleging that she duped investors and patients by hailing her company’s blood-testing technology as a medical breakthrough when in fact it was prone to wild errors.

At Theranos’ height, Holmes had amassed a fortune of $4.5 billion on paper and was being lionized as a visionary on cover stories in business magazines.

The jury will now spend its seventh day trying to decide whether to deliver a guilty verdict or not.