Jilea and Jamie Hemmings Open Autonomous Grocery Store, Nourish + Bloom Market, in Georgia

Jamie Michael Hemmings and Jilea Hemmings, founders of Nourish + Bloom Market. (Nourish + Bloom Market)

When Jilea Hemmings’ oldest son was diagnosed with autism, she and her husband, Jamie, started experimenting with food that seemed to help improve their child’s performance.

The Georgia couple used plant-based substitutes to create their son’s favorite dishes, including mac and cheese and spaghetti and meatballs.

Soon, they began selling their products at a farmers’ market, and their customers asked if the food was sold in grocery stores, too.

“From there, the rest is history,” Hemmings told ABC News.

Nourish + Bloom Market is the world’s first Black-owned autonomous grocery store. (Nourish + Bloom Market)

The couple just openedĀ Nourish + Bloom Market in Fayetteville, Georgia, believed to be the first Black-owned autonomous grocery store in the nation. Hemmings said their mantra is “real food and real products for real people.”

After moving from Chicago to Fayetteville, the Hemmings family said they realized they were in a food desert — an area where there is limited access to affordable and nutritious food — and decided to use their prior food and technology knowledge to open a market of their own.

Nourish + Bloom Market features a “frictionless shopping” experience where customers can walk in, grab what they need and leave without waiting in line or stopping to scan and pay.

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SOURCE: ABC News, Aliyah Thomas