Daniel Whyte III Tells President Biden for the Fifth Time He Needs to Do Everything He Can to Avoid War of Any Kind for His Own Good and the Good of the Nation Because God Is Not With Him and God Is Not With America Due to the Abominations and Sins That the Protestant Church, the Evangelical Church, and the Catholic Church Have Committed in God’s Sight and Are Committing in God’s Sight and That America Is Committing, Even Though God Has Been Very Good to Us. Now He Tells President Biden There Is Something That God Does When a People Disobey Him and It’s Called Unraveling, and That Is When a Disobedient Nation That Seems Powerful and Can Seemingly Handle Things Starts Noticing a Sense of Being Overwhelmed Because Things Begin to Unravel and Become Too Much and It Is Already Happening to You Mr. President and to the Country. As Soon as You Unwisely Committed to Ukraine With Troops, Here Are Six Things That Have Basically Happened Overnight. 1. Putin Forces President Biden to Send 8,500 Troops to Protect Ukraine. 2. North Korea Launches Fifth Missile Test. 3. Iran-backed Militia Attacks U.S. Base in the United Arab Emirates. 4. Beijing Torments Biden in the South China Sea. 5. Three of Biden’s Team Negotiating With Iran on Nuclear Deal Resign Because the Us Is Not Being Tough Enough – as Diplomats Warn Talks Are Entering a Critical Phase. 6. And Now You Have a Race to Beat China to Recover $100 Million US F-35 Stealth Fighter From the Bottom of the South China Sea After It Crash Landed on Aircraft Carrier USS Carl Vinson Amid Fears That Secret Technology From America’s Most Advanced Jet Could Fall Into Enemy Hands 7. And Today Mr. President, According to a Poll by the Liberal Harvard Caps/Harris Survey Your Approval Rating Hits a Dire 39% as a Majority of Americans Say He’s Not a Strong Leader and Don’t Think He Cares About Them.