AMG International Shifts Focus to Care for Elderly in Guatemala

Photo courtesy of marcoreyes on Pixabay.

“In a country like Guatemala right now,” says Brian Dennett with AMG International, “They’re estimating that as many as 65% of the elderly population is living in very deep poverty and vulnerable conditions.”

Dennett and his family served in Guatemala with AMG international for 12 years. He talks about his experience in the country. “One thing that we’ve observed over a number of years is just how underserved the elderly population of Guatemala and really all of Latin America is. Post-COVID, our team in Guatemala had brought this to our attention, saying that they really would like to try to make a difference.”

He says the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed so many elderly people into poverty that AMG has shifted its ministry focus to better care for them, providing, “food, shelter, and medical care. And we have a goal of reaching thousands of elderly people specifically in Guatemala over the coming months, and providing very much needed relief to them.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


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