Here We Go, the Devil Is a Lie, and a Little Leaven Leaveneth the Whole Lump: Michigan School Superintendent Is Forced to Deny Rumors That LITTER BOXES Were Provided for Students Who Are “FURRIES” After Outraged Mother Claimed Children Are Being Encouraged to Identify as CATS and DOGS – Daniel Whyte III Says People, I Have Warned You of This Sort of Thing for Many Years by Preaching the Word nearly Every Day. Now Hopefully This Is Enough Evidence for You to Take Your Children Out of These Hellhole Schools and Turn Against the Abomination of Homosexuality and So-called LGBT+ and by the Way in Case You Didn’t Know the + Stands for CATS and DOGS and Anything Else. You Do Know There Are Homosexuals Who Walk Human Beings Around the Neighborhood Like Dogs, This Is Demonic People.

Daniel Whyte III Says Pastor Tavner Smith Should Resign From Venue Church Immediately So That Hopefully the Church Can Be Saved as Shocked Church Members Catch “Pastor” Tavner Smith in His Boxer Shorts With a Married Coworker (and Her Husband Happens to Be on Staff as Well) Wearing Nothing but a Towel and Then They Lie and Say to the Poor Church Members They Were “Cooking CHILI” for Hotdogs and the CHILI Had Splashed on Their Clothes. People, Do Not Laugh Too Hard About This Foolishness Because What Is So Sad About This Is That This Is the Tip of the Iceberg and This Kind of Demonic Foolishness Has Been Going on in the Church for Years Now and Now the Church is Being Rebuked and Chastised for it by Jesus Christ and That Is Why God Is Shutting Down Churches and Why You Can’t Comfortably Go to Your Church Building. And Mr. Tavner Smith, the Wife You Foolishly Left for This Other Man’s Wife Is One of the Most Beautiful Women in the World So We Don’t Know What Possessed You to Do This Foolishness.