Kenny Rogers Sang a Song Titled “You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Lucille” — James Emery White Says ‘Add Pastors to the Great Resignation’ — Daniel Whyte III Preached About Six Years Ago When We Were Not in the Plague-Pandemic That He Believed That If 50% of Pastors Resigned, We Would Have Revival. Well, According to This Article, We Are at 46% of Pastors Who Are Thinking of Quitting the Ministry Altogether. The Truth Is, Quitting Now in the Midst of a Plague-Pandemic Actually Shows That You Were Never Called to Preach in the First Place.

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, more Americans left their job in April 2021 than in any other month on record. That record was then broken in July 2021, which was then broken in August. And then it was broken again in September. This is what is being called the “Great Resignation.”

Derek Thompson, writing for The Atlantic, notes that most of those who are quitting are low-wage workers getting better jobs in industries that are raising wages to get desperately needed new employees. So that part, as Thompson writes, is more accurately a “Big Switch” than a “Big Quit.”

But for many, it’s also about burnout. People in jobs that were particularly affected by all things COVID – think educators, healthcare workers and

… pastors.

As the Washington Post reported last month,

“an exodus of clergy… have left ministry in the past couple years because of a powerful combination of pandemic demands and political stress. Amid fights about masks and vaccine mandates, to how far religious leaders can go in expressing political views that might alienate some of their followers, to whether Zoom creates or stifles spiritual community, pastoral burnout has been high.”

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SOURCE: Crosswalk, Dr. James Emery White