Normally-supine media lashes President Biden for bumbling press conference: Washington Post says he ‘escalated partisan rhetoric’, Wall Street Journal calls it a failure and CNN’s Dana Bash says staff will now have to clean up his mess

In a searing op-ed the WSJ Editorial Board claimed Biden had the opportunity to present a new course of action or outline a whole new set of priorities to re-set on a bumpy first year in office. ‘Instead Mr. Biden offered more of the same,’ they write. The outlet also criticized Biden for challenging perceptions of failure around his administration and at one point even compared him to former President Donald Trump and his baseless 2020 election fraud claims. Others are even claiming that Biden’s marathon grilling from reporters created even more work for government staff who are desperately trying to explain or contextualize the president’s remarks. ‘I’m already seeing in my texts exchanged with people around the president — clean up on aisle State Department,’ CNN host Dana Bash said immediately after the press conference.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail