WATCH: ‘Flying’ Deer Soars High Into the Air in Jaw-dropping Leap

Impressed onlookers watch the soaring deer fly on as it jumps over the road it was crossing

This is the astonishing moment a deer hit dizzying heights as it leapt through the air.

The deer was crossing a road in India in the now-viral video, which has reached 50,000 views on Twitter.

The clip, shared by the WildLens Eco Foundation in India on January 15, has more than 129,000 views with 6,710 likes.

In the video the small deer runs up to the road before it springs up for a leap and soars through the air – reaching roughly the height of a person standing by and watching – before landing into the greenery on the other side.

People in the comments were impressed by the daring jump, but some have expressed their concern that the animal is scared.

Reeta Sinha said: ‘Yes the gold medal goes to daring “Deer”, what a jump! I can’t believe this.’

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Katey Hearth