More Misery for Prince Andrew as his Business Plunges Into Nearly £200,000 Debt

Urramoor Ltd, a business which is controlled by Prince Andrew (pictured leaving the Royal Lodge), has plunged into £200,000 of debt, according to newly filed accounts

As Prince Andrew prepares for the shocking possibility that he could have to pay off his sexual assault accuser, he has received a painful financial blow.

I can reveal that a business controlled by the Queen‘s second son has plunged into £200,000 of debt.

Urramoor Ltd, which was used to manage investments, slipped deeper into the red, according to newly filed accounts.

Prince Andrew, who faces a highly damaging U.S. court case brought by Virginia Roberts, is listed as having ‘significant influence or control over the trustees of a trust’ using the name HRH Andrew Inverness.

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SOURCE: ESPN, Richard Eden