Coronavirus Plague Doctor Says We Are ‘Burned Out’

Exhausted and overwhelmed by the influx of mostly unvaccinated Covid patients, Dr James Samuel Pope, an intensive care physician at Hartford Hospital in the US state of Connecticut, hopes the Omicron wave of the pandemic will be the last.

“It’s been very much the wild west for about the last two weeks,” says Pope, medical director of the ICU at Hartford Hospital. “More ER visits in a day than we’ve ever had.”

Most of the patients Pope sees today are unvaccinated, many of them intubated or attached to ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) systems to help them breathe.

Pope knows that not all the patients he is taking care of will go home.

“The frustration is very real,” Pope says, making rounds with the medical team and going over the cases of each patient, who range in age between 22 and 80-something.

“All of us are burned out,” Pope tells AFP, especially health care workers who have been taking care of coronavirus patients since the beginning of the pandemic.

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Source: Yahoo