Pastor Corey Brooks Braves Chicago Winter on Rooftop

CHICAGO (BP) – A Chicago pastor has a solution to the violence in the Windy City , and he’s taken to a rooftop to proclaim it.

Southern Baptist Pastor Corey Brooks is spending 100 cold and windy days and nights – Nov. 30 to Feb. 28 – on a rooftop nearly 40 feet above the streets, where he invites people to come and talk with him about their lives, to discuss ideas, solutions and opportunities, despite the all-too-common fatherlessness that can lead to gang life in a search for protection.

“Violence is like cancer: You can see it spreading,” Brooks, founding pastor in 2000 of New Beginnings Church of Chicago, told Baptist Press. “Violence started in impoverished pockets in our community. Because we didn’t deal with it properly to annihilate it, it’s gotten to where you can see it spreading, like up north.

“When you don’t deal with the violence, when you don’t handle it as you should, it continues to escalate not only here but in Memphis, St. Louis, New Orleans, San Francisco. … You have to intervene in peoples’ lives before they start down a pathway toward destruction.”

Brooks’ plan – a vision from God, he says – is to build a multi-faceted community center that will address the economic, social, mental and spiritual needs that plague the inner city.

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Source: Baptist Press