New Report Highlights How and Why Evangelicals Give: ‘It Shines God’s Love’

A recent report titled The Generosity Factor: Evangelicals and Giving found that 74% of evangelicals gave to their church at some point during the last year. The authors of the study also pointed out areas of concern when it comes to the issue of generosity among believers.

“We had 19% who gave nothing whatsoever,” Ron Sellers of Gray Matter Research & Consulting told CBN News. “Nothing to church. Nothing to charity. So, one of out of every five evangelicals is simply not a giver, at least not in the last 12 months.”

Grey Matter Research & Consulting along with Infinity Concepts explored the giving habits of evangelicals over a year’s time.

“We found that among evangelical Protestants, 74 percent give to their church or to a church,” said Sellers. “Fifty-eight percent give to charity outside of church, and that could be a Christian ministry. That could be a secular charity. Only 51% give to both church and charity.”

According to the study, on average, an evangelical gave $1,923 to church and $622 to charity over the last year, for a grand total of $2,545.

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Source: CBN