German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Appeases Putin and Obstructs Western Efforts to Defend Ukraine as He Refuses to Send Weapons to Kiev’s Forces and Takes Soft Stance Towards Russia

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been accused of weakening Europe by refusing to take a hard line on Russia despite warnings that Putin is about to invade Ukraine.

Scholz, who took the job from Angela Merkel last month, has tried to maintain his predecessor’s warm relations with Moscow by refusing to supply Kiev with arms and ruling out sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 gas line if an attack goes ahead.

But the SDP leader – a socialist while he was a student – now stands accused of aiding Putin and undermining the West by creating rifts within the EU, NATO, and even his own fledgling coalition over the best way to deter the Russian strongman.

Today, the German government even went so far as to brief journalists that cutting Russia off from international banking systems – the so-called ‘nuclear option’ of sanctions – was off the table, prompting angry denials from Washington.

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Source: Daily Mail