Dan Wootton: Prince Harry’s demands for police protection show he is regretting quitting the Royals already but using his children to emotionally blackmail his grandmother is beyond despicable

In public, the Sussexes (left, with Archie and Lilibet) are forever banging on about their love for the Queen (right) but their woolly words are never followed up by good deeds, writes DAN WOOTTON (inset). Weaponising one’s children in any intra-family conflict is unseemly and cruel. To do so when the victim is your 95-year-old grandmother who has spent her entire life devoted to public service is a despicable new low. And, make no mistake, that is exactly what the prissy and petulant Duke of Woke is doing, with his massive strop and ill-advised legal challenge over the UK government’s decision to refuse him police protection when in Britain because he’s no longer a working royal – by choice, remember.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail UK