Construction Site Collapse in South Korea Leaves 6 Missing

Preparation to bring in heavy machinery to assist in the search and rescue at the site of the partial collapse of an apartment building in western Gwangju’s Seo District can be seen underway on Thursday afternoon. (Shin So-young/The Hankyoreh)

A high-rise apartment in the city of Gwangju, South Korea, still under construction collapsed forcing dozens of nearby households to evacuate the area. At least 6 are reported missing.

Search for the missing was halted as there was concern that the building would further crumble. The missing are believed to be all construction workers.

Jo Ho-ik, a Gwangju fire department official, said emergency workers rescued three laborers, including two who had been trapped in a shipping container pounded by rubble. One of the workers who were rescued was treated for minor injuries, Jo said.

At least 10 vehicles were destroyed.

– Ella Breedlove