Calls For Prayer For the Bereaved as They Prepare to Bury Victims From the Bronx Fire

Please pray for us.

Families seek closure from New York City’s most devastating fire as they prepare to bury the 17 souls lost.

“This community, these people have gone through so much,” said Sheikh Musa Drammeh, a spokesperson for a community with a deep Muslim faith. At least a dozen victims worshipped at the Masjid-Ur-Rahmah mosque, just blocks from Sunday’s devastation.

The vast majority of those who died in the fire at a Bronx apartment complex had ties to Gambia, Africa’s tiniest country.

The medical examiner’s office said all the victims suffocated from the thick smoke that poured out of a third-floor apartment, where officials say a malfunctioning electrical space heater sparked the deadly fire.

Ishak Drammeh lost his wife and three children. “I try to deal with it,” he said. “I try to take it from God. Every time I think of them, I pray for them.”

– Ella Breedlove