16-Year-Old Milwaukee Burger King Employee Who Was Killed in Botched Drive-thru Robbery Planned Failed Crime with Her Best Friend and the Girl’s Father

Niesha Harris-Brazell, 16, was fatally shot during an apparently staged robbery at the Burger King she was working at on January 2

A teenager who was working the drive-thru at a Milwaukee Burger King when she was shot and killed in an apparent robbery, which she staged with her best friend and her best friend’s father who acted as the robber, court documents allege.

Niesha Harris-Brazell, 16, was working a shift with her best friend, Mariah Edwards, on January 2, when she was found fatally shot inside the fast food joint.

Just a few minutes prior, surveillance footage caught a man in a red hoodie and a facemask waving a pistol around and demanding money as Harris-Brazell frantically took money out of the cash register and cried for help.

Derrick Ellis
Antoine Edwards

Investigators initially believed the man in the red hoodie who had demanded the cash, had shot and killed the 16-year-old.

But when they reviewed surveillance footage taken from another camera within the fast food joint, they discovered the ‘robber’ never opened fire, according to court documents, first obtained by FOX 6 News.

Her best friend, Mariah Edwards, seen here talking to the press following the shooting, reportedly told authorities she had staged the robbery with Harris-Brazell and her father, Antoine Edwards

Instead, the shot was fired from within the Burger King, and Milwaukee police are now searching for Harris-Brazell’s co-worker, Derrick Ellis, 34, who apparently tried to shoot at the robber and inadvertently hit Harris-Brazell.

During the ensuing investigation, police discovered Mariah’s father, Antoine, was allegedly the man in the red hoodie.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Melissa Koenig