Young Girl Uses Her Christmas Money to Buy Blankets and Snacks for the Homeless

Photo: Middletown Division of Police

A little girl decided to do something truly selfless with the money she received this past Christmas. Rather than buy gifts and toys for herself, Abby Tucker used her cash to purchase blankets and snacks for the homeless.

Abby, 10, gave the blankets and food to the Middletown Division of Police in Ohio so they could distribute the goods to those in need.

The kind deed unfolded after Abby was riding in the car with her mother, Regina Tucker, and saw homeless people. Tucker, 43, said her little girl “has a good heart.”

“It’s cold out there,” Abby told the Journal-News when explaining why she selflessly gave. “It makes me sad when I see them.”

Heather Keal, Abby’s school principal, told the outlet she isn’t shocked by Abby’s kindness. She said the fifth-grader is always volunteering and thinking of others.

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SOURCE: Faithwire, Billy Hallowell