British Teen Who Started Practicing Embroidery During Coronavirus Lockdown Spent $35 to Start Tote Bag Business and Now Makes Over $16,000 a Day

Maisie Crompton, 19, (pictured) who lives in Cambridge, has launched Totes For You after taking up embroidery as a hobby during lockdown

A teenager who spent lockdown practicing embroidery has quit her supermarket job after using social media to promote her tote bag designs, and can now turn over five figures a day.

Maisie Crompton, 19, who lives in Cambridge, explained that she was working one day a week at Waitrose during lockdown and began embroidery as a hobby to stop her from being bored.

She noticed other people were interested in her designs after using TikTok to document her learning process.

Having purchased materials from Amazon with £25 from her grandmother, Maisie debuted her sell-out range of products on Depop and now earns up to £12,000 in sales a day on her own website, offering both personalised bags and her own embroidered designs.

Maisie, who boasts over 176,000 followers on TikTok and almost 7,000 on YouTube, admitted that she hadn’t expected to be able to quit her supermarket job just months after launching Totes For You.

In a YouTube vlog, Maisie said: ‘In the first lockdown I had just finished my A-Levels. I was working in a supermarket, so I was counted as a key worker and I was really bored in my free time. I had an idea to start embroidering.

‘I started a series on TikTok where I basically just shared the journey with everyone and it went down well, better than I expected. I documented the process from getting the idea, creating the ideas to getting the materials to starting the website. Everything.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Latoya Gayle