Iraqi Christians Still in Limbo Years After Reign and Defeat of ISIS

The photo shows damage after the ISIS invasion of Mosul. (Photo courtesy of Omar Siddeeq Yousif, CC BY-SA 4.0 <;, via Wikimedia Commons)

Years after the defeat of ISIS in Iraq, many Iraqi Christians remain in limbo. ISIS forced them to leave their homes because of their faith.

Todd Nettleton with The Voice of the Martyrs USA says ISIS gave them the choice. ‘Become a Muslim, and you can be part of us. You can keep your house and you can stay here. They didn’t do that. They said, ‘No, I am a Christian.’”


They fled into several surrounding countries like Turkey or Lebanon. Nettleton recently met some of these Christians. “They don’t have any kind of status, and they don’t have legal protection. They’re not allowed to work. Their kids aren’t allowed to go to school. And now we are five years down the road, six years down the road. We talked to one guy who’s been waiting for eight years to get into another country like Canada or the US or Australia.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Ask God to comfort and strengthen these refugees. Pray they would get resettled in the U.S. or other countries soon.