Here We Go: How Gen Z Trendsetters Are Wearing ‘oversized and Shapeless’ Clothes in a Bid to Look ‘genderless’ and Are Turning Away From Brands Made Specifically for One Sex — Daniel Whyte III Says Thanks a Lot Woke Pastors and Churches and Government Leaders. Look at What You Have Wrought

From Birkenstocks with tube socks to clunky trainers and baggy cargo pants, a stylist has revealed why Gen Z trend-setters are choosing ‘deliberately genderless’ clothing in a bid to signpost their ‘woke’ ideals to the world through fashion.

The latest A-list trend has seen celebs like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid embrace the world of baggy Hawaiian shirts, sleeveless knits, beanies and anoraks to create a more relaxed, gender-fluid aesthetic.

UK celebrity stylist Miranda Holder, who founded The Feel Good Fashion Coach, told FEMAIL believes the rise in ‘oversized and rather shapeless’ garments is because the younger generation are moving into a ‘woke’ era of fashion and don’t want to be associated with brands who make clothes for specifically ‘men or women’.

The stylist, who has worked with a variety of high-profile names including Little Mix and Boy George, says the younger generation are ‘voting with their wallets’ to introduce a world of non-binary fashion.

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Source: Daily Mail