Sabrina E. Dent Says in an Article on Religion News Service That Black Faith Leaders’ Proud Legacy on Civil Rights Should Include LGBTQ Rights — Daniel Whyte III Says This Is More Demonic Foolishness and This Kind of Thinking Is the Reason Why the Black Church and the White Church Is in Trouble With God. This Statement Is an Abomination. If Any So-called Faith Leader Can’t See Now That God Is Chastising and Rebuking the Church Through the Coronavirus Plague You Are Blind and Should Not Be in the Ministry. She Goes on to Say That Black Christians Know Too Well How Discrimination Can Hide Behind Appeals to Religious Freedom. Daniel Whyte III Says This Is the Lie That Some Pastors, Black and White Have Said for Years Now Before She Even Got Out of High School and It Has Led Us to the Mess We Are in Today. We Are on the Edge of the Abyss Because of This Kind of Foolishness and Thinking in the Church. What We Need to Do Is Repent of Making Such Statements and Sanctioning the Abomination of Homosexuality in the Church and the Government Before It Is Completely Too Late.