Queen Elizabeth II Is Not Amused. As She Gutted Her Grandson Prince Harry of His Military Titles for Disrespecting and Dishonoring Her Through the Foolishness of His Wife Meghan and “Megxit,” She Has Now Gutted Her Son Andrew of All His Military Titles, His Royal Patronages, and His Use of HRH (His Royal Highness) and Says He Will Have to Face Painfully Embarrassing Sex Abuse Lawsuit Where He Is Going to Sit for Several Hours Answering Questions About His Private Parts as a “Private Citizen.” Daniel Whyte III Now Tells Queen Elizabeth II Again That as the Head of the Church of England She Should Now Gut the Church of England of Her Abominations and Sins of Sanctioning Homosexuality and Homosexual Marriage and Allowing Homosexuals and Lesbians to Become Bishops, Priests, and Members in the Church of England, Which is Supposed to be the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. She Should Do This by Firing Every Bishop and Priest Who Sanctions and Supports the Abomination of Homosexuality and Who Are Homosexuals Themselves Before She Meets Her Maker or She Will Lose Over 60 Percent of the Kingdom and the Commonwealth After She Dies. Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, “Get Your House in Order” and “Prepare to Meet Your God.” Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, You Did the Right Thing Regarding Your Son Andrew. We Love You Very Much. Long Live the Queen!