Here We Go: Loudoun County Boy in a Skirt Is Sentenced to Three Years Probation for Raping Female Classmate in Girls’ Bathroom and Groping Another but for Some Strange Reason Will Not Go to Jail

The Loudoun County teenager known as the ‘boy in a skirt’ who raped a classmate in the girls bathroom has been spared jail after his victim’s merciful family begged a judge to send him to a residential treatment center and not prison so that he can become a better person.

The 15-year-old – who is not naming because he is a minor – was convicted of sexually assaulting two girls in two different schools in May and October last year.

One of the victims was the daughter of Scott and Jessica Smith. Scott was dragged out of a school board meeting where teachers lied about never receiving reports of sex assaults in the girls’ toilets.

On Wednesday, Jessica stood up at her daughter’s rapist’s sentencing hearing and asked Judge Pamela Brooks not to jail him, and help him seek treatment instead.

‘I feel that if this boy goes directly to juvenile jail he will not receive any treatment.

‘I feel if he is placed in a long term residential he might have a fighting chance of becoming a better human being, she said.

Judge Brooks sentenced him to three years of probation and time in a locked treatment center instead. He will register as a sex offender when he is 18.

Speaking after the hearing, Jessica told she was ‘relieved’.

‘Residential treatment is what each of us were pushing for. If he messes up, he will go to jail,’ she said.

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Source: Daily Mail