WATCH: Moment Bulldog Body Slams Playful Puppy When he Jumps Off Sofa and Lands on his Head

The 10-week-old bulldog puppy, called Bruce, was slammed to the ground by his seven-year-old companion, Keith, after jumping on his head at their home in Swadlincote, Derbyshire

This is the moment a no-nonsense bulldog taught a boisterous puppy a lesson by body slamming him into the floor ‘like something out of WWE‘.

Lucy Tilley-Toon, 43, filmed the moment her 10-week-old bulldog puppy Bruce launched himself from the sofa onto unsuspecting Keith’s head in a bid to encourage him to play on January 2.

With lightning-quick reflexes seven-year-old Keith throws his head backwards while letting out a yelp of surprise and inadvertently flips Bruce 180 degrees.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Mark Tovey