Study Says, Regular Exercise Could be the Key to Children Getting Good Grades in School

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Could joining a soccer team or taking a daily jog be the key to good grades for children? There is a correlation between a child’s cardiorespiratory health and their academic success, particularly in language and math, according to a recent study. Such intellectual qualities, including memory and concentration, may be improved by cardio exercises.

Scientists in Switzerland conducted a series of tests on students from several Geneva schools and found an indirect association between cardiovascular endurance and mental skills. Earlier work by Northeastern University Professor Charles Hillman suggests that children’s heart and lung health and academic success are linked. Hillman, who is the corresponding author of this study, write that previous research also indicated an association between cardiorespiratory wellness and enhanced executive skills.

These professional skills may be broken down into three primary categories, according to Marc Yangüez, a researcher at the University of Geneva’s Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (FPSE). “The first is inhibition, i.e., our ability to inhibit intrusive or irrelevant behavior or thoughts. The second is cognitive flexibility, which is often called multitasking and refers to our ability to flexibly move between tasks or responses based on task demands. Finally, the third is working memory, which is our ability to maintain information in our minds and manipulate it,” says Yangüez in a statement.

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SOURCE: Study Finds