Daniel Whyte III, Whom God Has Used as a Prophet and an Evangelist to America and Around the World and Whose Words God Has Not Allowed to Fall to the Ground in His Over 42 Years of Ministry, Honors His Mother Prophetess Shirley Louise White Publicly by Wishing Her a Happy 81st Birthday. Mom, I Love You and I Am Praying for You. Even Though We Fiercely Disagree About Women Being Pastors Over Men in the Church Among Other Things, and Even Though I Know That You Are Over Men in Your Church, I Want You to Know That You Will Always Be Over Me as My Mother but I Will Always Be Over You in the Ministry. Mom, I Thank You for All of the Good Things You Have Done for Me and My Family Over the Years. I Love You Very Much and I Am Praying for You. It Looks Like You Are Going to Outlive Me as You Did Dad and My Younger Brother Mark, SO I AM TELLING YOU NOW FAREWELL and I Love You, Appreciate You, and Honor You. I Will Tell Dad and My Little Brother Mark Hello for You When I Get on the Other Side and I Hope to See You When You Get There.

Daniel Whyte III, whom god has used as a prophet and an evangelist to America and around the world and whose words God has not allowed to fall to the ground in his over 42 years of ministry, honors his mother prophetess Shirley Louise White publicly by wishing her a happy 81st birthday. Mom, I love you and I am praying for you. Even though we fiercely disagree about women being pastors over men in the church among other things, and even though I know that you are over men in your church, I want you to know that you will always be over me as my mother but I will always be over you in the ministry. Mom, I thank you for all of the good things you have done for me and my family over the years. I love you very much and I am praying for you. It looks like you are going to outlive me as you did Dad and my younger brother Mark, so I am telling you now farewell and I love you, appreciate you, and honor you. I will tell Dad and my little brother Mark hello for you when I get on the other side and I hope to see you when you get there.

Dear Friends From Around the World, Here Is a Little About My Mother Shirley Louise White, Who Is Celebrating Her 81st Birthday Today, January 10, 2022. And Yes, I Know She is 20 Years Older Than Me But She Looks 20 Years Younger Than Me. Put Her on Your Prayer List and Keep Her in Your Prayers. God Bless.

Prophetess Shirley Louise White is the daughter of Cleophas Croom and Gladys Beaman. Her step-father’s name was Henry Beaman. She is the granddaughter of Bishop John Quincy Croom who was one of the founders of the First Born Church of the Living God Inc. and the founder and builder of the Holiness Church of the Living God now known as the Love Center Holiness Church of the Living God, aka, The Love Worship Center Church.

She is a graduate of Quinn High School in Apalachicola, Florida, and Drake School of Business in New York as well as the undenominational Bible Institute of New Bern, NC. Her other work includes more than 30 years as a telecommunications operator in New York, North Carolina, and Florida. She also served as administrative assistant in Apalachicola High School.

Prophetess Shirley White served the Lord under her husband Bishop Daniel White Jr. for 25 years. Her ministry spans over 50 years. She was the wife of the late Bishop Daniel White Jr. for over 43 years before he died. She is the mother of four children all with her husband, Daniel White Jr.: Daniel White III, Sheila White-Martin, Temolynn Gladine White-Wintons, Mark Anthony White (deceased). She is the grandmother of 15 grandchildren and has one great grandchild. She is a certified Christian counselor through the American Association of Christian Counselors. She is author of the book So Much More Volume I and Volume II. Prophetess White is the founder of “Franklin County Belongs to Jesus Prayer Network.” She is also the founder of Love Center Christian Academy. She is the host of the “Love in the Air” radio broadcast for more than 15 years on WOYS Radio 100.5 FM.

— Daniel Whyte III