Study Says the Vast Majority of Evangelicals Are Satisfied With Many Characteristics of Their Membership Church; Daniel Whyte III Says This Is So Sad Because It Really Doesn’t Matter Whether the Sweet Evangelicals Are Satisfied With Their Churches. Obviously God Is Not Satisfied and That Is All That Matters, and What Evangelicals as Well as All Who Claim to Believe the Bible Better Do Is Truly Confess Their Sins, Repent of Their Sins, and Turn From Their Wicked Ways, Because the Truth of the Matter Is That Sweet Evangelicals Are a Big Reason Why the Church in General and America Are in the Mess We Are in Today

Most evangelicals are largely happy with their churches, including 85 percent who say their pastor's sermons are the right length.
Most evangelicals are largely happy with their churches, including 85 percent who say their pastor’s sermons are the right length.

EXPORT, Pa. (BP) – The vast majority of evangelicals are satisfied with many characteristics of their membership church, variously including preaching, music, diversity, gender leadership roles and other areas, leading ministry researchers report.

More than 38 percent of churchgoers wouldn’t change a thing among the 14 categories studied, according to “The Congregational Scorecard: What Evangelicals Want in a Church” released Thursday and jointly conducted by Infinity Concepts and Grey Matter Research.

“Evangelicals are mostly quite satisfied with their church. It’s time leaders get to spend some time feeling good about what they’re getting right rather than always hearing about what they’re getting wrong,” Grey Matter Research President Ron Sellers told Baptist Press.

“One of the big takeaways for me is that there’s this negative stereotype of church as having lengthy, boring sermons in the middle of lengthy, boring services,” Sellers said. “Pastors constantly hear complaints from people, or ‘experts’ telling them how to do church ‘better.’ I hope pastors get to see that, by and large, these negative stereotypes aren’t true.”

Specifically, the study conducted among more than 1,000 evangelical Protestants found that:

85 percent are satisfied with the length of sermons and services;
68 percent are satisfied with the amount of political involvement and/or political messages;
77 percent are fine with the number of women in church leadership, including 78 percent of women;
and 74 percent are satisfied with the level of racial and ethnic diversity in their church.
Still, about 80 percent of evangelicals would make changes to at least one category studied. Researchers said:

11 percent would like more political involvement or political messages; while 22 percent prefer less;
30 percent would like more in-depth teaching;
32 percent would like a different type of music, almost evenly split between more traditional offerings (18 percent) and more contemporary music (15 percent);
38 percent would like more community outreach;
27 percent would like more focus on evangelism;
and 23 percent want more diversity.
Congregational satisfaction doesn’t necessarily indicate biblical correctness or church effectiveness, researchers said.

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Source: Baptist Press