Student Resident Assistants slam Western Carolina University for being ‘hijacked by wokeness’ after being told not to refer to America as a ‘melting pot’ in forced racial and gender sensitivity training

In one of the presentations, the RA’s were taught phrases to avoid using to people of different races that could be deemed offensive

A group of Resident Assistants has slammed Western Carolina University for being ‘hijacked by wokeness’ after they were subjected to mandatory racial and gender sensitivity training where they were told not to refer to America as a ‘melting pot’.

During the training courses, the RAs were shown a series of slides that told them to avoid using certain phrases while working at the North Carolina school and were shown a ‘gender unicorn’ to highlight transgender identities.

In one example, they were told to stop referring to America as a ‘melting pot’ because it emphasized the idea that people should assimilate to the country’s ‘dominant’ culture.

‘It really pisses me off how what should be the one of the premier leadership positions on campus, being an RA, has been hijacked by wokeness,’ one of the students told Fox News.

‘I took the job because I wanted to help people in their college experience, not be told that men and women don’t exist and that everyone has their own gender unicorn.’

As part of the training, the group was taught the type of language to avoid using in racially sensitive environments along with a graphic illustrating concepts related to gender identity and expression.

In the presentation, one of the slides discussed language that could be deemed offensive to a person of a different race.

They were told not to use phrases like ‘When I look at you I don’t see color’ and ‘Gender (or race) does not affect the way I treat you’  because it denied the experiences of people with different identities.

The school also hold segregated RA ‘support spaces’ – one of which is designated for black, indigenous or people of color, while another is referred to as a ‘general’ support space. reached out to Western Carolina University for comment.

As part of the racial discussion in the presentation, one of the black presenters talked about her fear of stopping her car in northern Georgia because of her race.

That led to the topic of post traumatic slave disorder which ties in the concepts of a racial group’s past experience with slavery and its relationship to their modern day oppression.

A presentation about gender expression and identity was also given using a ‘Gender Unicorn’ graphic.

They were also briefed on the concepts of gender expression and identity using a ‘Gender Unicorn’ graphic

The slide also presented the difference between sex and gender which a presenter claimed did not involve genitals.

The same presenter also made fun of a conservative part of North Carolina and claimed that members of the LGBTQ+ community should feel unsafe there.

Students who work at RAs at the school have since slammed the training courses, with one saying that the gender sensitivity course went against their personal beliefs.

‘The Rainbow 101 class goes against my beliefs but I have to be in that class or I could possibly be fired,’ the student also told the network. ‘I’m not allowed to speak against that.’

This incident is not the first time the institution has received backlash for their ‘woke’ approach.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail