New Orleans City Council Votes Unanimously to Change Robert E. Lee Boulevard to Allen Toussaint Boulevard


The New Orleans City Council voted unanimously Thursday to change the name of Robert E. Lee Boulevard to Allen Toussaint Boulevard, councilmember Jared C. Brossett confirmed to CNN Saturday.

Toussaint, a New Orleans music legend, died in 2015 of a heart attack while he was touring in Madrid.

Brossett introduced the ordinance last month to rename the boulevard after Toussaint instead of the Confederate general, saying in a news release “it’s well beyond time to make this change.”

“The City of New Orleans should prioritize celebrating our culture bearers, our diversity, and everything that makes our City special, not those who worked to tear us apart and represent a horrible history of racism that we are still dealing with today,” Brossett said then in a statement.

“Allen Toussaint is a New Orleans native and world-renowned musician. He represents the very best of our city, and I am proud to take this step toward honoring his legacy,” Brossett added.

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SOURCE: CNN, Chris Boyette and Keith Allen