Man Takes Moment on TV to Thank the Lord After Family is Rescued From Fire

A man is thanking God after a heart-pumping video shows Atlanta firefighters successfully rescuing his family members trapped inside of a burning house.

The shocking scene unfolded Monday when rescue workers were called to the inferno, in which three adults — including one elderly woman — were unable to exit a home, WGCL-TV reported.

One of the biggest barriers to their rescue was seemingly the presence of burglar bars on the windows. These metal security bars are difficult to remove and forced firefighters to use both an ax and a circular saw.

A helmet video shows the desperate efforts firefighters took to try and free the family. Luckily, they were able to get all three adults out — and just in time.

An unnamed family member told WGCL-TV he feels blessed and is thankful to God that the three escaped the potentially-deadly scenario.

“I’m a Christian, blessed,” he said. “I thank God.”

The two younger adults are fine, though the one elderly woman is reportedly still in the hospital.

Atlanta Fire Department Cpt. Jason Johnson told the outlet how essential it is to make a quick rescue in dangerous situations like this one. In this case, he praised the firefighters involved.

“If we don’t remove someone in probably 30 seconds, their outcome may not be good,” he said. “It all came together. All the training. All the hard work these guys put in, and what they sacrifice for the city and for themselves, it paid off.”

Pray for the woman who is still healing from this shocking scenario.

Source: Faithwire