For This Nanotechnologist & Bowhunter, a Tree Stand Is Her Chapel: ‘God Used Hunting to Heal My Body and Soul’

We know healing can come through prayer – but hunting? Dr. Jennifer Hoyt Lalli, a chemist and bow hunter, says God healed her body and soul through hunting, prayer, lean meat and whole grains.

In her book, Hunt & Gather: The Healing Powers of Whole Grains, Lean Meat, and Prayer, Jennifer recounts how doctors told her she would never have children and need surgery, to now, living a full and healthy life.

‘My Tree Stand Is My Chapel’

On this chilly winter morning, Jennifer Lalli climbs in her tree stand before dawn with bow and arrow ready – patiently waiting. With no deer in sight, Jennifer pulls out her Bible – although she loves going to church with her husband Chris, she sees this tree stand as her chapel.

“It’s a place where I can go and be alone and really talk to God and not just talk to God, but look out among the beauty and enjoy the peacefulness,” Lalli said. “And once I started to really pray for others in the tree stand, that’s when things started changing in our lives.”

Jennifer, a nano-technologist and lover of high heels, says for years, her husband tried to get her to go hunting with him but she had no interest – then he bought her a bow.

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Source: CBN