Are You Aging Too Fast in Your Mind? How You Can Turn Back the Hands of Time

We’re all growing older. However, many of us don’t realize we’re aging too fast. Well, cheer up! There are dozens of things we can do to turn back the clock years, even decades.

We all want strong, disease-free bodies and minds so we can continue working, doing things we love and spending quality time with people we care about.

Telomere Length Reveals How Fast We’re Aging

Our drivers license says we’re one age, but inside our bodies, microscopic telomeres may tell a different story. Scientists can measure them and tell us the longer the better. Telomeres act much like a plastic tip on a shoelace. They protect our chromosomes and DNA. But over time, as cells divide, telomeres shrink, causing health issues. The quicker our telomeres shrink, the quicker we age.

Women’s health physician Sara Gottfried noticed she was feeling older than she should and went for testing. “So, I was 45. I was interested in telomeres, the little caps on your chromosomes that are the best markers of biological, as opposed to chronological, aging,” she explained, “And I flunked the test. So at age 45, I had the telomeres of a 65-year-old woman and that’s not what you want to hear when you’re 45 years old!”

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Source: CBN