New York City Student Says Schools Are in Chaos with Teachers Calling Out Sick with Coronavirus Plague and There is ‘No Learning Going On’ After Mayor Eric Adams Insisted on In-Person Classes

An anonymous New York City public high school student claimed that their school is ‘beyond control’ and should revert back to remote learning due to the sheer number of teachers calling out sick as the Omicron variant causes a surge in covid cases.

The Bronx Science student said that large numbers of teachers have been calling out sick, claimed there was ‘no learning occurring,’ and called study hall a ‘super spreader event.’

The student said that the school has been ‘quiet and empty’ with many teachers and students staying home with positive COVID tests, or to avoid one.

‘I should note that in study hall and with subs we literally learn nothing. I spent about 3 hours sitting around today doing nothing,’ they wrote on Reddit.

The student claimed that their specialized high school has lost control with students easily cutting class because ‘health conditions were safer outside of the auditorium.’

Mayor Eric Adams has refused to shut down in-person learning and switch to remote classes even as the highly-contagious Omicron variant surges, saying the safest place for children to be right now is in school.

On Friday, New York State saw its highest death toll from COVID since the beginning of vaccinations for the second day in a row.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Adriana Diaz