North Carolina Man Arrested for Fatally Shooting 32-Year-Old Black Veteran and Father-of-Three in Road Rage Incident

Roger Dale Nobles, Sr (Mugshot), Stephen Addison (right/family photo)

A 32-year-old Black veteran and father of three was shot and killed in Fayetteville, North Carolina, this week after a road rage confrontation with a white father and son riding in a pickup truck ended with the motorcyclist being shot in his chest.

Stephen Addison was shot by 51-year-old Roger Dale Nobles Sr. as the biker argued with Roger Dale Nobles Jr. on Monday, Jan. 3.

Police state Nobles Sr. fired at Addison from the driver’s seat on the inside of his 1992 Chevrolet pickup after his son got out of the vehicle at a stoplight to confront Addison.

A bystander shot a video of the confrontation and sent it to local station WRAL. Shot from a distance, the footage only shows Noble Jr. standing outside of the passenger side of the truck and then walking toward Addison. The two appear to be arguing when the shotgun blast comes from the pickup. The video does not record the argument.

After Addison falls to the ground from the blast, Nobles Jr. walks away without assisting him.

Police and Cumberland County sheriff’s deputies later located Nobles Sr. at his home. After presenting him with a warrant, he and his son were apprehended. Nobles Sr. admitted to shooting Addison, authorities say.

One neighbor said, “They put them in handcuffs, and then it went from there. They started searching the truck.”

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SOURCE: The Atlanta Black Star, Nicole Duncan-Smith