Dr. Tony Evans Highlights God’s Answer to Our Racial Crisis in “Kingdom Race Theology”

The 2020 murder of George Floyd ignited a racial firestorm throughout America, provoking lament and grief over a long history of tragedy. The widespread protests gave way to a heated discussion about terms such as systemic racism, white privilege, and Critical Race Theory, all framed by the slogan “black lives matter.” The beginnings of a helpful dialogue on diversity became a heated battle, one that quickly spread to the church.

Drawing on forty years of ministry experience, Tony Evans writes with a fearless and prophetic voice, probing to the heart of the issue and pointing to God’s Word as the solution. Kingdom Race Theology helps people and churches commit to restitution, reconciliation, and responsibility. His penetrating and practical ideas will help pastors and church leaders sort through the conflicting theories, finding sensible solutions in the form of individual and collective action plans. Christians can work together across racial lines to repair the damage done by a long history of racial injustice.

Key Features include:

  • Promotion of a kingdom approach to the subject of the church, race, justice, and oneness
  • Provision of a biblical framework and practical solutions to the ongoing ethnic divide
  • Introduction to some of the material from Oneness Embraced: A Kingdom Race Theology for Reconciliation, Unity and Justice

Contents include:

  • Introduction: Why This Book
  • The Need for Kingdom Race Theology
  • The Meaning of Kingdom Race Theology
  • The Focus of Kingdom Race Theology
  • The Practice of Kingdom Race Theology

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