Former Ohio State Football Player Says Coaching Staff Used Photo of Trayvon Martin to Enforce ‘No Hoods’ Rule

Columbus Dispatch columnist Rob Oller confirmed Tuesday that while Urban Meyer was the coach of the Ohio State football team a staffer used a photo of Trayvon Martin to amplify a team rule that said players couldn’t wear hoodies in the football building. 

Martin was a 17-year-old Black Floridian who was fatally shot by George Zimmerman in 2012.

The news came about during a barrage of tweets sent by former Ohio State defensive back Marcus Williamson, who said he retired from football before the Buckeyes’ Rose Bowl game on Saturday.

Williamson levied several stinging charges toward the program, some of which were denied by former players and some were supported by former players. And many targeted coaches, specifically Meyer.

Williamson tweeted: “My first team meeting. (True story 2017) This photo was presented to us via PowerPoint to institute our building wide rule of “no hoods” in the building.”

The photo was of Martin.

Meyer, who left Ohio State following the 2018 Rose Bowl, told Oller that until Tuesday he was unaware the Martin photo appeared during a freshman orientation meeting that outlined program rules and protocols. Meyer on Sunday told author Jeff Snook the photo incident “never happened.”

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SOURCE: The Columbus Dispatch, Joe Harrington