Algerian Government Continues Shutting Down Churches

Image depicts a church that was closed and sealed in 2019. (Photo courtesy of Middle East Concern)

Algeria gained new leadership this summer, but believers face the same persecution and oppression as before.

“Unfortunately, church closures are continuing. Four more churches have been ordered to cease all their activities, but they have not been physically sealed,” Daniel Hoffman of Middle East Concern says.

“In total, 20 churches have been stopped from meeting and operating by the authorities.”

Algerian Christians face systemic persecution through the legal system. A 2006 law requires all non-Muslim religions to register their place of worship, but officials have yet to approve any applications. More about that here.

Earlier this year, three previously-closed churches appealed their court-ordered closure. A judge allowed the churches to reopen and stay open during the legal proceedings, but the final ruling did not favor the believers.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray Christians in Algeria will remain encouraged amid challenges and difficulties.
  • Pray for believers’ protection, and for justice to be done in court cases and church closures.
  • Pray the church closures will be reversed so believers have somewhere to worship and grow.
  • Pray for a positive ruling in a potentially-landmark case that’s in the court system right now.