Nearly 70% of Minority Business Owners Fear Omicron Variant Could Hurt Their Business


The COVID-19 Omicron variant is punishing small businesses across America, including those run by Black entrepreneurs.

A fresh Alignable’s Omicron Pulse Poll shows that 69% of minority business owners are worried that the latest variant will affect their recovery and could hurt their business. That was the highest rate out of four different business segments surveyed.

Minority businesses are not the only ones expressing concerns; 52% of women small business owners—or most of those firms—have similar sentiments.

An online referral network for small businesses, Alignable’s poll last month of 5,632 small business owners reveals overall that 44% of small businesses are concerned about Omicron hurting their economic recovery, which was already challenging before the most recent poll. The latest figures show that minority businesses fear being hit harder by Omicron than some of their small business peers.

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SOURCE: Black Enterprise