Religious Sect Known as the Twelve Tribes Is Under Investigation Over Colorado Fire

Authorities investigating a devastating fire in Colorado are focused on a burning shed on land owned by the fundamentalist religious sect known as the Twelve Tribes.

Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle revealed at a Monday press conference that investigators have narrowed down the fire’s origin to land owned by the sect, but he cautioned that investigators “are going to be careful” before making any conclusions.

“We will sort it out. It’s an active, open deal and the outcome of that investigation is vital. There is so much at stake,” he told reporters.

Two people are missing and presumed dead from the fire that started Dec. 30 and burned between Colorado State Highway 93 and Marshall Road near Boulder.

The religious group now under scrutiny, which idolizes sons, requires community input before people can copulate, and describes itself as an “emerging spiritual nation.” It dates back to the 1970s when it began in coffee shops in Tennessee. There are also offshoots in Europe, Australia, and South America. Each “tribe” is self-governing but adheres to similar tenets that line up with conservative ideology. Men wear long hair and beards and women’s attire is closely guarded. Of the two tribes in Colorado, one runs the popular Yellow Deli in Boulder—named after the original coffee shop where the sect began—and the other is where the burning shed is located.

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Source: Daily Beast